The Jesse James Morning Show

The Jesse James Morning Show is a constant source of fun, entertainment and community! You really never know what’s coming next?! But you do know you’ll be up to date on everything that matters to you, your family and thoroughly entertained every weekday morning from 6-10am. From trying to get people out of the “Friend Zone”, to letting people “Spill their Guts” on air…not to mention all the latest news on your favorite country stars, tune in and enjoy the ride…

Jesse James calls beautiful Utah home now! Jesse’s been married to a woman WAY out of his league for over 20 years, and they have two boys. When Jesse’s not on the radio, he can be found wrecking golf course’s, riding his motorcycle, playing hockey and generally annoying his wife! Jesse wanted to be a country music star, but has absolutely no musical ability what so ever, so he settled for radio.

Thank you for listening to the Jesse James Morning Show!

As a farm girl from Lehi, Jodee grew up listening to country music so it will forever flow through her veins. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and is constantly on the lookout for new places to eat with her significant other, Cletus. They also enjoy being outdoors, hiking the Utah mountains, and finding new adventures with their 2 dogs, Khloe and Blu (sic). Jodee is ALWAYS up to date on the latest celebrity gossip and also considers herself a reality TV junkie, watching everything from The First 48 to Big Brother, but that’s not all she might even watch a little football here and there. Go Cougs!