Chris Young’s First Guitar Was the Best Present Ever

Chris Young’s First Guitar Was the Best Present Ever

Can you think of what your favorite Christmas gift was?

For Chris Young, that answer is easy, “I actually got my first guitar as a Christmas gift. So, that’s one that’s always going to stand out in my mind.”

Chris recalls unwrapping the present, “I picked it up and was like so excited to have it.” Of course then Chris realized “it was going to take me a really long time to learn to play it.” But the end, it was totally worth it, “It’s obviously brought me a lot of joy over the years being able to sit down and pick up an instrument and just, sing and play. So, that was pretty special.”

Chris loves this time of the year, and one of his favorite things he got to do over the last several years was to put out his own holiday album, It Must Be Christmas.

From that, here’s his version of “The Christmas Song.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson


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