Matt Stell Shares a Christmas Gift He Loved, and One He Never Wants To Get

Matt Stell Shares a Christmas Gift He Loved, and One He Never Wants To Get

Some Christmas presents are a hit with people, and some are misses.

Matt Stell remembers one of his favorite Christmas presents ever, “My favorite childhood Christmas memory is when my mother got me a puppy one time.  It was a good little dog, Hollyberry.” 

Of course, like every parent knows, you get your kid a pet, and 9 out of 10 times, you become the main caretaker.

Matt jokes that happened with his dog and his mom, “My mom ended up being-They were probably more attached to each other than I was with it, but I loved that dog.  Man, she loved that dog.”

So, the dog was a big hit as a present, but just in case he ever ends up on your gift giving list, Matt Stell shares the one thing he never wants to get as a present, “I can’t really think of a gift that I always wanted that Santa didn’t bring me, but I can tell you some things- many things that Santa brought me that I never wanted and to this day it continues.  I hate getting clothes for Christmas.  I want toys. I want video games. I just want a card. I don’t care. I don’t like getting clothes for Christmas.”

Everybody clear on that now?

Well, a gift that Matt got this year that we know he was happy about, was his second number-one song. Back in November “Everywhere But On” topped the country airplay charts…

Photo Credit: Dustin Haney


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